wrm testimonials

Peace of Mind!

Dave and Beau of wrm have been providing Home Care Services for our vacation home in Whistler for over a year. Their service provides for weekly visits and inspections of our home and timely reporting from these visits via prompt emails including digital photographs of all key areas of the home including a thorough checklist of all security, plumbing and mechanical systems.  In addition to ensuring that our property is safe and secure, Dave and Beau have relationships with all the necessary service providers in the Whistler area to manage annual maintenance requirements such as snow removal, window and house cleaning, furnace maintenance, and landscaping.  In the event that any repair is required, Dave and Beau can arrange competitive bids from local contractors on any work. The home is managed as if we were in town!

My wife and I could not be more pleased with the quality of their work, their communication and the ongoing care and maintenance of our home in Whistler.  Working with Dave and Beau has given us Peace of Mind concerning our home in Whistler.

Email from Bill and Barbara, North Carolina residents and Whistler homeowners

To whom it may concern:

This letter serves as a recommendation to WRM, who have been managing the affairs of our strata corporation in Whistler, BC. During the last five years I served as a council member on the board WRM have managed the property and have done an excellent job.

WRM has proven to be very professional, honest, friendly, ethical and reliable.

WRM has a wealth of knowledge in rules and regulations regarding property management and we have relied on their knowledge and advice frequently.

Whenever I had an occasion to call them,  they have been very responsive and always willing to assist in the resolution of any issues