executive team




Alex Hoelk Managing Broker 604-972-1700 Whistler alex@wrm.ca
604-567-9001 Squamish
Scott Schober Managing Partner 604-972-1701 scott@wrm.ca
Beau Craig Managing Partner 604-972-1704 beau@wrm.ca
Dave Evans Managing Partner 604-972-1706 dave@wrm.ca


Brian Reid Agent Operations Manager 604-972-1710 brian@wrm.ca
604-567-9002 Squamish
Rob Moore Strata Property Agent 604-972-1714 Whistler rob@wrm.ca
604-384-1923 Pemberton
Laura Downs Strata Property Agent 604-972-1702 laura@wrm.ca
Dean Mawson Strata Property Agent 604-972-1709 dean@wrm.ca
Bill Cuthbert Strata Property Agent 604-972-1705 bill@wrm.ca
Derek Pasenow Strata Property Agent 604-972-1711 derek@wrm.ca
Pete Kestel Strata Property Agent 604-972-1707 pete@wrm.ca
Randy Lee Strata Property Agent 604-972-1708 randy@wrm.ca
Ross Redman Strata Property Agent 604-972-1715 ross@wrm.ca
Glenn Mishaw Strata Property Agent 604-972-1718 glenn@wrm.ca
Ben Hansler Strata Property Agent 604-972-1716 ben@wrm.ca
Nick DaCosta Strata Property Agent 604-972-1713 nick@wrm.ca
Aran McDonald Assistant Strata Property Agent 778-945-6247 aran@wrm.ca
Gary Watkins Assistant Strata Property Agent 604-972-1703 gary@wrm.ca
Simon Saulnier Assistant Strata Property Agent 604-945-6248 simon@wrm.ca


Shelbi Hanson Accounts Receivable 604-972-1720 accounting@wrm.ca
Rachel Milstein Form BF/Owner Communications 604-972-1721 rachel@wrm.ca
Angie Royle Accounts Payable 604-972-1722 accountspayable@wrm.ca
Elizabeth Rogerson Accountant 604-972-1717 elizabeth@wrm.ca
Mike Richman Maintenance Department 604-972-1724 mike@wrm.ca
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