Accounts Payable

If you have provided a WRM-managed property with a product or service, we typically handle all invoices on behalf of that strata. Please send all invoices to for payment.

Waiting for Payment?

WRM sends out cheques to service providers on the 15th and last day of each month. Because of the volume, only invoices received several days before the send date can be included in each cheque run. Faster payments can only be processed by agreement with the strata property agent.

As well, cheques are not sent by WRM but through each strata corporation’s chequing accounts, and as a result often expenses need to be approved by the strata board before they can be processed. That can add a week or more to our processing times.

Tips for Receiving Faster Payment

  • Convert to PDF

    Please convert all invoices to PDF before sending. We can open Excel, Word and other formats, but prefer PDF. In the near future we will be switching to a digital stamping system where PDFs will be required.

  • Be Specific

    Please clearly identify which property is being invoiced, and include the strata code (1), agent name, unit number if applicable and street address if possible. Many properties have similar names (e.g. Taluswood, Ridge at Taluswood, Heights at Taluswood, Lookout at Taluswood, Bluffs at Taluswood) but are different strata corporations often managed by different agents.

    (1) A strata code is a unique ID provided to strata corporations. For example VR2 or LMS4182.

    You can look up strata codes, agent names and street addresses by clicking here.

  • Be Detailed

    All invoices are reviewed by the strata agent before they are paid. If there is not enough information or detail in an invoice, the agent will often need to reach out to the vendor/supplier/contractor for more details. This can delay the process for several days and result in pushing back a payment to the following invoicing date.

  • Time Your Invoices

    Submitting dozens of invoices at the end of the month guarantees that they will be considered at the busiest possible time for agents and our accounting department, which could result in short delays. Submitting invoices regularly ensures that most will be paid in the next cheque run.

  • Be Consistent

    To ensure invoices are paid in a timely way, it helps to submit them in a consistent way. Mailing some and emailing others, emailing from a variety of different accounts, emailing in different formats, etc. can create some confusion and delay the process.

Statements and Receipts

Statements will only be reviewed for invoices that were submitted the previous month. Please do not send statements unless payments are overdue by 30 days or longer. You can also inquire regarding overdue invoices at

Receipts for paid invoices are also not necessary. Some accounting programs automatically send out once an invoice is marked as paid, but this feature can usually be turned off. Sending receipts increases the amount of information our staff has to go through and can delay processing of new invoices.