Why do I need someone to check my property/unit?

It is extremely important to have someone check a vacant property a minimum of once per month. This will ensure that the unit or home has not been vandalized, broken in to, has the heat turned on, has no active water leaks, and is generally in good shape. This gives owners who don’t live in Whistler the assurance that their investment is safe and secure. Most insurance policies have a clause stating that the owner will not be covered for losses if the unit has been vacant (not checked) for more than 30 days. This clause has already affected many homeowners in the Whistler area.

How often will you check on my property/unit?

That depends on you. We have a variety of options to choose from based on your insurance requirements and personal preference. We can check your property once per month or  coordinate a weekly inspection if you wish.

How much does it cost?

This depends on the unit/home. Our prices listed on this website indicate the cost for our standard services. We can customize a program that fits your needs. Each home has different or  special requirements for inspection, such as boiler systems, floor heating, sprinklers, saunas, hot tubs, or wine cellars. Contact us directly for specific questions.

What does the report contain?

You will receive a full-colour report which includes images, reports, and comments on each day that the inspection is completed. This report will then be stored on our secure website. If you encounter an insurable loss, you will have access to these records to prove that due diligence has been met on your behalf. View a sample inspection report in the “forms” section of this website.

Can I access my home care inspections remotely?

Yes. Each Home Care client will be supplied with a username and password for our secure website. This will allow you to access your inspection reports at any time.

Does this service satisfy the requirements of my home insurance policy?

This will depend on your specific individual insurance policy details. Some will contain a clause that requires a weekly check of the home, others have a monthly requirement.  We can check your current policy to confirm the requirements and then develop a plan to ensure full compliance.

Why is WRM offering this service?

Over the years we have received numerous inquiries about this type of service. We are aware of owners being denied coverage as a result of  leaving their home vacant for extended periods of time.  This, coupled with the rising insurance rates at all strata corporations in BC, led WRM to implement this new Home Care division.  Our goal is to provide home owners with a valuable service intended to minimize potential property losses.