Spring 2019 has been dryer than normal, prompting the Coastal Fire Centre to issue a public advisory. The Coastal Fire Centre covers a region that includes Pemberton, Whistler and Squamish.

According to the Coastal Fire Centre:

April started with precipitation at most Coastal Fire Centre weather stations, but the volumes were below average at many locations and groundwater volumes are also low, as evidenced by streamflow and lake levels.

The current weather forecast for May shows continued warm and dry weather, with many weather stations potentially going into cross-over conditions (when temperature values exceed the relative humidity) by the middle of this week. This will result in a sudden rise to high or extreme fire danger conditions with Fine Fuels Moisture Codes above 85 expected at many weather stations. This pattern is expected to hold for at least seven days before returning to a more seasonal pattern.

High and Extreme fire hazard ratings restrict certain activities, such as wood-burning campfires and barbecues, and gas barbecues in parks, and certain construction activities.

More fire information for your area will be posted online on municipal websites:

Resort Municipality of Whistler – www.whistler.ca

Village of Pemberton – www.pemberton.ca

District of Squamish – www.squamish.ca