What is a Form B – Information Certificate?

The Form B is the strata corporation’s information certificate signed by the Strata Property Agent. The required contents of this form are set out in the Regulations of the Strata Property Act. Required information includes: (i) the monthly strata fees, (ii) any strata fee arrears, (iii) any alteration agreements affecting the strata lot, (iv) any upcoming special levies, (v) bylaw amendments that have not yet been registered, (vi) ¾ vote resolutions for which notice has been given but not yet voted upon, (vii) a copy of the strata corporation’s depreciation report, if any, and (viii) the number of strata lots that are rented and (ix) a number of other items.

When do you need a Form B?

When you are selling the strata property, and when you are refinancing.

How can you obtain a Form B?

Owners can request a Form B by email to our administration department via general@wrm.ca. We will invoice the owners’ account for the form request accordingly. Realtors and lawyers seeking a Form B must place their order through EStrata Hub by logging into their BCOnline account and selecting the EStrata Hub radio button.

What is a Form F – Certificate of Payment?

The Form F confirms either that the owner of the subject strata lot does not owe the strata corporation any money, or that money is owing with specific arrangements in place for its payment (for example, by payment through an undertaking from a lawyer or notary public).  The Form F must be issued by a strata corporation pursuant to section 115 of the Strata Property Act within one week of a request by an owner or a purchaser, or a person authorized by an owner or purchaser.

How can you obtain a Form F?

Only lawyers and notaries are authorized to order a Form F. Please have your lawyer/notary log in to their BCOnline account and select the EStrata Hub radio button. From there they can place their order.