Dear Red Sky and Baxter Creek owners;

Due to COVID-19 concerns and ongoing requirements imposed by WorkSafeBC and Vancouver Coastal Health, pool and spa operations in 2021 are going to be similar to last year until we are advised otherwise:

  • There will be a maximum occupancy for the pool deck, spa and pool in order to maintain physical distancing of owners and guests. In order to maintain that occupancy level, users are permitted a maximum of one hour in order to make room for others, while hot tub use will be limited to one individual or group for a maximum of 15 minutes.
  • There will be a mandatory sign-in sheet to use the amenity building. This will help maintain occupancy numbers, as well as to identify owners using the pool at certain dates and times in the event that it’s required for COVID-19 trackback purposes. Fob data may also be used to track users if requested by the authorities.
  • The pool furniture will remain locked up as there is no one available to clean it on a regular basis throughout the day.
  • There will be additional signage outside the pool, on the pool deck, in the washrooms, etc. as well as decals placed on the ground. A hand sanitizing station has been installed for your use.
  • Owners are required to abide by those new rules in order to meet health requirements or may be barred from the pool. If Vancouver Coastal Health inspects the pool and finds any contraventions of the rules, they may shut the pool down for a period of 30 days. As well, if the councils at Baxter Creek and Red Sky discover that owners aren’t following the rules, they may decide to close the amenities to maintain owner safety.
  • NEW: The pool hours will change, opening at 9 a.m. instead of 10 a.m. in order to accommodate more users. It will be open to adults only from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m., providing a safe opportunity for seniors that need to physically distance to use the pool. Closing time is 9 p.m. daily.
  • The bathroom doors will be propped open during the day to reduce the number of contact points.

The operation of the covers will be handled by DMC Property Services in the morning and Sea to Sky Security will close in the evening.

**Please do not attempt to open/close the pool or hot tub covers yourself, or to walk on the covers for any reason.**

Your fob will be required to enter the amenity building area. Each fob is coded so that it can be recorded for future audit and security.

Opening day is May 21, 2021. Any fobs not authorized by then will not be activated, and cannot be activated until the next business day. Please note that only one fob is available per strata lot.

Always be considerate of others when using the pool, and keep noise and disturbances to a minimum. People have different sensitivities and concerns around COVID-19 and as a result the rules need to be respected at all times.

The pool and spa are a shared cost and responsibility, and users must balance their own enjoyment with the rights of other owners to the quiet use and enjoyment of the facility.


Baxter Creek Strata Council

Red Sky Strata Council