Dear Red Sky and Baxter Creek owners;

The Amenity building with pool and hot tub will be open during the hours of 10am to 9pm daily. The operation of the covers will be handled by DMC Property Services in the morning and Sea to Sky Security will close it in the evening.

**Please do not attempt to open/close the pool or hot tub covers**

Your fob will be required to enter the amenity building area.  The common key you have will still be required to enter the bathrooms. Each fob is coded so that it can be recorded for future audit and security.

To ensure that your fob is not deactivated on July 15, please fill in the form below. Please note that only one fob is available per strata lot.

Always be considerate of others when using the pool, and keep noise and disturbances to a minimum.

The pool and spa are a shared cost and responsibility, and users must balance their own enjoyment with the rights of other owners to the quiet use and enjoyment of the facility.


Baxter Creek Strata Council

Red Sky Strata Council