The temperature this weekend is expected to dip below -10C, which is a earlier than usual. That can create problems for vacant units, including freezing pipes in walls and sprinkler system in ceilings.

WRM recommends that you turn on your thermostats to at least 15C to prevent pipes from freezing – and possibly warmer if your place is older and there are pipes in exposed exterior walls or in attic above.

As well, we recommend you open the cupboards under kitchen and bathroom sinks to allow warm air to circulate into those areas and warm the pipes.

Heat tracing should also be turned on, where it’s the owner’s responsibility.

If you have an external hose bib, please unhook any hoses or attachments. If you have access to the shutoff, we recommended turning the water off for the season.

Please notify your caretakers or property managers to take these steps. If you don’t have anyone available to turn on your heat, WRM can assist. We do charge $75/hour for service. Fill in the form to request service.

If you do discover that your pipes are frozen, please turn up your heat and contact WRM immediately. During business hours, call 604-932-2972. Our after hours line is 604-932-1218 (Whistler) or 604-815-4048 (Squamish).

Notice for American and Foreign Owners

As COVID-19 travel restrictions enter their ninth month, many property owners in Whistler have not had a chance to visit their units since at least March. Some of the issues we’re discovering include mold in wet areas, mold in dry toilets where the water has evaporated, and odor issues resulting from the evaporation of water from kitchen and bathroom traps. Leaks, rodents, dead batteries in keyless door locks and other problems are being discovered as well.

To get someone to check over your unit, please send us your details.