New owner? Change of address or phone number? Please take a moment to update your contact, access and emergency information in our database or fill in the downloadable form.

PLEASE NOTE: If you need to change your automatic payment options for strata fees, please download the form and send to

Update Your Owner Information

Go green and save on postage. Please click the box to select email only for most WRM and strata board communications.

As per the Strata Property Act of B.C., an e-mail notice is deemed to have been given four days after it is e-mailed; there is no requirement for evidence of receipt. I understand that as an Owner, it is solely my responsibility to inform WRM Strata Management & Real Estate Services Ltd. (WRM) and the Strata Corporation of any changes to my e-mail address, and that WRM and the Strata Corporation hold no responsibility should the given e-mail address become invalid or e-mail is undeliverable due to full e-mail boxes, spam filters, security settings, etc. I understand that WRM and the Strata Corporation are not responsible for accidental shared distribution of any personal information. I would like to advise WRM Strata Management & Real Estate Services Ltd. (WRM) and the Strata Corporation that my postal mailing address outside the strata plan is not provided for receiving official strata documents or notices, and the only address I am providing for those purposes is my e-mail address. I would like to receive all correspondence from WRM and the Strata Corporation regarding my strata lot(s) via e-mail only. I understand that WRM and the Strata Corporation must continue to maintain owners’ mailing addresses, and I will inform WRM of any changes.


If you rent your property through a third-party, please provide us with contact information in case of an emergency or access issue.


Please provide names and contact information for persons to contact in the event of an emergency concerning your property or person.


Please consider providing WRM with keys, door codes, alarm codes and other access information to your property in case of an emergency. We will hold it securely on your behalf.